USB Quota System

*Charges can be applied while copying the multimedia content in your cafe to the USB storages or you can stop copying after a specified limit.
All operations will be automatically done by CafePlus and price will be added to account. (Including the Transfers to the devices like Android Mobile and Camera)

Remote Support System (updated)

Connection can be established to the Client devices through server with Remote Support System.

Steam Account Renting (new)

It is enabled to rent Steam accounts that are belonging to your cafe.

Client Lock Screen

* Block free use and unauthorized access on client computer
* Enable lock screen for the computers on standby
* Client software cannot be terminated by users
* Provide full security

Bonus (Credit) and Prepaid System

* Customer Loyalty Service available on bonus system
* Prepaid system available on bonus system
* Bonus prize for members and checkout by bonus option
* Ticket print/sale option after ticket system activation

Membership System

Build a settled client group by membership system for cybercafe.

Item Sales

* Enable food & beverage sales and checkout tracking option.
* Enable sales tracking and management for cafeteria section at cybercafe

Personnel and Cashier Registration System

* Feature identifying a personnel for software use with certain authorization
* Full user process tracking by log reports

Multi-Server System

* Offer best solution for multiple cashier use at cybercafe
* Synchronized server system between cashiers setting up CafePlus Server on each cashier computer

Revenue Tracking System

* Track detailed revenue reporting by CafePlus
* View daily revenue graph on a daily basis report
* Organize special offers due to certain reports

Dynamic Database

* SQL based database system with CafePlus
* Protection against power failure and database error
* Minimum interaction from data density

Time Limitation System

* Enable auto-lock system after certain time-out for each client
* Allow advance payment option for certain time limit cost

Print-out Pricing

* Auto apply checkout for printouts sent by clients
* Extra charging available on color printouts

Client Restrictions

* Limit user access for unauthorized operations
* Deny change on system configuration

File – Directory Protection

Disable file delete, copy, rename functions for protection on client computers

Running Processes Restriction

Prevent unwanted running processes by clients for system protection

Download Restriction

Block file downloading via internet for users

Content Filtering

* Feature for blocking access to blacklisted websites
* Safety guard against malicious content at cybercafe

Mass Update

One click "Update" option for all client applications via CafePlus Server

Cafe On/Off System

One click "Turn on" / "Turn off" option for client computers

Instant Messaging System

Activate instant messaging system for Server to Client or Client to Client at cybercafe

Game Console Module

Track checkout for game consoles at cybercafe

Advanced Pricing System

* Properties for various tariff definitions on CafePlus software
* Price discrimination system for certain days in a week
* Free use option after certain period by special offers

Auto Backup System

Schedule auto backup of CafePlus database intended for data loss saving

Theme Settings

90 various themes available on CafePlus for best possible display

System Requirements Server & Client Software

* Operating System : Microsoft Windows XP – Minimum (Not yet fully supported on Windows 8)
* HDD Space : 350 MB – Minimum
* Screen Resolution : 1024 x 768